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Bulk SMS Service

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What is Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service India marketing is a way of communicating with a wide range of customers using mobile technology.

With our Bulk SMS Service India marketing service,

your business is able to contact

thousands of potential customers in India and

around the world with special offerings and discount pricing,

delivering your message right to their back pocket.

is the most cost-effective, compelling, and

the immediate form of customer communication available.

With 90% of messages being read within the

first three minutes, our online messaging platform and

SMS gateway provides unparalleled reach and

scalability for large organizations all over the globe. 

Whether you are sending bulk promotional

voucher campaigns or click and collect reminders,

our real-time mobile messaging capabilities

will allow you to deliver a personalized experience.

Most businesses these days are growing

at an incomparable pace using

the most advanced techniques like

mobile phones or the internet,

as the most fruitful investment at a very low expense.

But today the scene has changed drastically as they

have now become an important

marketing tool with a number of SMS solutions

available to the user.

In an era of tough competition, one must be aware of Bulk SMS Service India’s marketing and its aspects.

Today Bulk SMS marketing is the easiest and

smartest means of promoting business and making

the product details reach the clients and customers

in no time.



Bulk SMS Service India

Has been a tried and tested method of communicating with customers.

With the Webpagesmedia bulk SMS marketing service,

you’ll enjoy a range of industry-defining innovations including

information merging and online address book services.

The process is very simple; upload your contact list,

draft your message and

we’ll make sure it gets delivered in an instant.

Sending bulk SMS messages online to mobile devices allows you to reach

specific consumers that traditional marketing

communication simply can’t.

The best part is that our team at Webpagemedia

can work with your business to find a bulk text messaging

solution best suited to your needs.

Webpagesmedia is a reliable mass text messaging service that many

global companies have relied upon in the past,

See below to learn more about what you’ll have access to

with our bulk SMS marketing services.

It is impossible to reach thousands of people and convince

them individually about different products,

it does not become a financial burden to hire Bulk SMS providers for the job.


Bulk SMS Service India Deliver

Our bulk SMS software guarantees delivery. We are an SMS marketing company

that have expertise in the industry and we are confident in our service.

Thus we are able to offer a 100% Uptime SLA Guarantee.

Choose Webpagesmedia to launch your SMS marketing campaign; bypass

email filters and reach your customers directly through SMS.

Guarantee your customers are receiving your mass text messaging campaign

and that customers are able to access your message easily.

Integrate SMS campaigns into your marketing calendar and

watch your open rates and click-throughs soar.

The market has seen considerable development in the field of

this service and a number

of firms today offer a lot of SMS services.

The service providers attract more and more users as they can push more than

25,000 SMS in less than a minute making the work of the producers crazily simple!. 


Adapts to your company and your software

Our bulk SMS service is customizable, meaning our team

will work hard to make your messaging suit your business.

We also offer sleek API integrations to cover all of your bulk

SMS requirements. Send all your communications from one easy dashboard.

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